Beauty will save the world!

 F. Dostoevsky


  • MusicArt Centre
  • MusicArt Centre
  • Association Riviera Culturelle
  • Association Riviera Culturelle

Who said that play music and paint you can only in childhood?


We categorically affirm that this is totally a misconception!


MusicArt Center offers different types of art courses that can be interest for person of all ages.






  • Language of instruction (Russian, French, English).

  • Courses for all ages (from 5 years old)

  • Enrolment for courses throughout the year

  • Selection of courses and the number of lessons depends on  you.

  • Lessons in your home. Our teachers can come to your home. Teacher’s travel area – Canton Genève, Canton Vaud, Canton Valais. Canton Fribourg.

  • We organize concerts and visiting the exhibition at least twice a year

  • At the end of course you receive a certificate confirming your level.