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Based on years of experience in art and teaching students to draw and paint, we have developed a jewelry sketching training program from scratch.

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Why Jewelry Sketching ?

You have a unique opportunity to take a course in which you will be helped to reach a good level of volume transfer through working with gouache.

Jewelry sketching evokes delight and a sense of mastery of pictorial skill. We will show you how to achieve this level and tell you the nuances of light and shadow transmission.


We will explain the intricacies of working in jewelry sketching and teach you not to be afraid of drawing.


Why do you need this skill ?

You are a jewelry manufacturer and it is important for you to learn how to communicate your ideas.

You love beautiful things and want to learn how to paint.

You want to get out of the routine and find a new area where you can switch from household chores.

You need a super skill for the soul / you never know, probably its a chance to open a door to your part of life.

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Why choose our services ?

We develop author's courses and programs where we explain through the history of art.

You will not only master the basics of drawing and conveying volume, but also discover a world of talented individuals and iconic designer jewelry.

If you create together with us or your own unique product design, we will be able to produce it.

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