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 Valeriya Khachaturova 

Art historian, worked on the creation of private collections and curated exhibitions.


Teacher of painting and drawing with more than 10 years of experience, developer of successful programs for teaching drawing and art history programs.

Received an academic education, had many years of experience in working with numerous artistic techniques.

Jewelry and collection designer at AlpenGem in Geneva.


Current projects 

  • Women jewelry designers of XX century, book. 

  • Chocolate in Art in coloration with Oksana Wolfson @chocolatebyone.

  • Application - guide for mobile phone "Architecture de Belle Epoque à Montreux" 


  • Notice biographique, Notice analytique : Henri Eggimann (1889 – 1968), Martine Clerc (*1941) pour catalogue d'exposition de la Fondation "Ateliers d’Artiste", Sainte-Maurice, Suisse, 2021.

  • L’artiste graveuse Christiane Cornuz dans les années 60-70. De l’art d’estampes au design suisse, 2020.

  • Le Japon dans l’héritage de l’artiste des arts décoratifs Maurice Pillard-Verneuil (1869-1942), Lausanne, 2020.

  • "Manufacture nationale de Sèvres 1890-1910 " - grands maîtres de cette période le problème de l'attribution, Moscow, 2015.

  • Innovation of El Lissitsky in exhibition activities and its relationship with Russian avant-garde, 2013

  • Masterpieces of Dutch and Flemish painting”; of the 17th century from the collection Foundation Fine Art SVB, Montreux, 2013.

  • Kingdom of flora: floral still life of old masters of Holland and Flanders for Modus Vivendi, Moscow, 2012.

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