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Art Studio

Welcome to our cozy art studio. We teach children from 3 to 5 years old and adults oil painting from scratch. In our studio, we hold various thematic workshops and birthday parties for adults and children. With our partners, we can organize any turnkey event.


Here you will find a link to register for our classes and workshops in Geneva.

Oil painting for adult 

Adult courses for all levels. You can come and create a masterpiece in 2 hours. We have no restrictions on the level of your artistic ability. In our studio, you can unleash your creative potential that you did not even know about. In oil painting lessons, you can learn the techniques that you like best and the subjects that you enjoy. We do not have a program in which you can not fit according to your needs. Through painting, you can not only relax and at the same time create a magnificent painting that you can decorate your home. We have an individual approach in working with adults as well as working with children.

You can set yourself certain goals or you can follow the call of the soul and be inspired by your own photographs or paintings by other artists. We will reveal to you the secrets of the Old Masters of their technique of working with oil painting and you will be surprised or even amazed at your own result.

Classes for adults usually last 2 hours. For parents with children, we have a special option when you can also come with your child and paint your own picture while your child is painting his picture.

Young woman painting

Oil Painting for Children 

Oil painting classes for children. In our studio we work with children aged from three and a half to five years individual 30 minutes once a week. Our group lessons for children aged 5 and over are 60 minutes long. At the moment we have oil painting groups for children on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The concept of our studio does not imply the division of children by age group, you come at the time that is convenient for you and the day that is convenient for you. We have small groups of no more than five people, so each child can follow their own program and paint a picture separate from the group members.


For children from nine years old we offer classes in academic drawing and graphic sketching upon request. You can also choose individual lessons for your children both in the studio and at home.

Art Class


We offer a wide range of art workshops for young artists. The plot or object is specially prepared and taking into account the age and an artistic level of the participants. Thus, little artists create an object or picture that they will definitely like.


For young artists, we have prepared master classes : sculpting, acrylic pouring abstractions, mosaics, watercolor and pastel. We organize master classes for children two or three times a month.

Wine & Painting Night
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